last week was such a fun week! although adam was traveling, my mom, aunt + 2 cousins were up in toronto hanging out with the twins + i! we didn’t have as much time with everyone as we would have liked {i’m so envious of all of you that get to live close to your family}, but we did make it to the aquarium {the twins’ favorite place} and also to the royal ontario museum, which by the way, if you’re in toronto and haven’t been – i would highly highly recommend!


the aquarium is one of the twins’ favorite places. the sea life, bright lights, and all of the other kids running around are a perfect combination for happy babies. this was the first time we had been since thatcher started walking {did i tell you guys she walks now?! on her own! and everywhere!} which made it a little more interesting. both of the twins wanted to do everything the big kids were doing. and breck especially loved the “water station” and even kind of threw a mini temper tantrum when we finally had to leave it {so glad that’s starting – not!}. they also just loved hanging out with the family and were reveling in all of the attention they were getting. and i was loving all the rest my arms were getting – thanks family for giving my muscles a break!


on day 2 we headed over to the royal ontario museum. i hadn’t been yet, but had heard great things and they were doing a really cool exhibit about pompeii. i was a little worried about the twins getting bored, but it was the complete opposite. the pompeii exhibit had a few kids’ areas, and even though they weren’t really baby specific, since my kids think they are 10 years old instead of 10 months old, it was great. they played along side all of the other kids and thatcher even tried to join in with a group of girls at the “marketplace” play area {they were sweet, and let her hand them the fruit} – she was in heaven! breck on the other hand, mostly just followed his cousins around and wanted to do whatever they were doing. thanks for being such awesome role models, dylan + camden, and for putting up with my babies hanging all over you!

cousins8cousins9cousins10cousins11cousins12cousins13^^ my mama. man am i so thankful for this woman. the babies and i miss her so much already. seriously, i am so jealous of all of you that live near family.

on another note, i’m starting to really explore toronto more and more, and as i do i’m also starting to like the city more. it’s been a tough transition and it’s hard not to compare it to chicago, but i think i’m getting better. i’ll try to keep you guys updated as i find more baby friendly/famly friendly activities. and if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them below!


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