happy monday! we’re super happy over here because late last week we found out that today is a holiday in canada! so now we are enjoying the long weekend and spending a much needed extra day with adam! the last few weeks he’s been traveling a lot and while i’m so lucky that i’ve been able to have a bit of help we’ve also missed him. things are pretty busy right now for all of us and it shows no signs of slowing down so we’re just making the best of it and going with the flow. tomorrow adam leaves for chicago and i’ll be on my own with the twins for a few days, but thankfully while he was traveling last week my wonderful mother-in-law came to help out!

milmil1mil3mil4^^ the day she arrived adam was still here and of course the twins wanted to take her to their favorite playground spot as soon as she got here! they showed her the swings, the slide, our favorite “horsey toy”, and of course thatcher made sure to run her around the entire playground.

mil5mil6^^ the twins probably slobbered on, tasted, and touched everything she owns, but they were at least nice enough to reward her generosity with a “gamma” whenever she asked them to say grandma. it was seriously the most adorable thing! i love when they learn new words and especially one that’s so meaningful.

mil7 mil8 mil9^^ we seriously go to the playground every day. it’s actually part of our morning routine. the twins nap nicely in the stroller every morning for me so i reward them when they wake up with a trip to the playground. i think “gamma” enjoyed it too!

mil10 mil11^^ of course no trip would be complete without a day at the aquarium! it was the busiest i’ve ever seen it and poor breck slept through most of it, but we still had a great time! thanks for everything, “gamma”!

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