tis the season of giving. and although i never feel like i give enough {time/money/donations/etc} i really do try. this time of the year really makes me realize just how lucky adam + i are and how important it is to not only donate, but to participate in charity as well. you guys have heard me mention one hope united before {read about it here, here, and here}, and a part of one hope united is their foster care system. one hope united helps hundreds of children find homes through the foster care system and they also help to recruit and train parents. adam + i {and some of the amazing members of the one hope united auxillary board} were very fortunate to be able to help out with the one hope united foster care system’s christmas party. the kids enjoyed arts + crafts, pizza, decorating cookies, and santa even stopped by to hand out gifts for the kids! it melted my heart to see the smiles on their faces and i hope it’s something that adam + i can continue to do every year.


here’s a little more about one hope united’s foster care system according to their website:
There are thousands of children in need of stable, loving families. While many of these children are victims of neglect and abuse, they have great potential to thrive in a nurturing environment. Our foster and adoptive families provide safe homes for these vulnerable children and youth with the assistance of our agency.

to donate to one hope united click here

happy holidays!

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