today i am wishing a very happy birthday to 2 special ladies!

my sweet grandmother {mimi} turns 80 today!! mimi and i have shared a special bond ever since i was a little girl. we would talk for hours and hours and mimi would even rub my back while we did. we’d stay up and watch movies {i think we can both recite every line to while you were sleeping} and she would make me endless plates of french toast. since i’ve moved to chicago we see less of each other, but still talk often, and still share our special bond.¬†happy 80th birthday, mimi! thank you for being such an important person in my life. i love you!


my beautiful mother-in-law {jeanne} is also celebrating her birthday today! when it comes to in-laws you don’t always get to chose who you get, but i was lucky and so blessed to have been given such a wonderful mother-in-law. jeanne is such a strong, independent, and beautiful woman {inside + out} and over the years she has become so important to me. everyone who meets jeanne instantly loves her and it’s because of her generous heart and caring nature. adam, gruber, and i love you very much, mom! happy birthday!


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