happy friday everyone! i didn’t mean to be so quiet on the blog this week and actually had full intentions of giving you guys some pictures from our oregon trip a couple of weeks ago. but, as per usual, things never go as planned. this week was a busy one and also quite an emotional one. to be honest, i kind of debated sharing what went on this week with you guys because it was so stressful and just completely draining. but, since this is a blog about my life and this week was definitely a huge part of my life i’ve decided to let you guys in a little. it’s really hard to balance the fine line that is i want to be open and honest with everyone and for you guys to know that although life is pretty perfect, there are also imperfect parts, but also keep certain parts of life private, because really some things are just private and aren’t meant to be shared with the world. does that makes sense? basically how much information is too much information in this day and age where everyone posts every picture from every activity and updates their statuses 10 times a day? it’s a hard balance.

but anyway, on to this week…
i hit 20 weeks on tuesday – yay! and even though 19 weeks was technically my 1/2 way point, 20 still felt like such a milestone. we got to see both of the babies for their anatomy scans and minus our little girl not wanting to cooperate completely everything was perfect! {we finished up her scan the following day, where we saw that she did indeed have a right arm. stubborn already that one} by the way, for all of you that have been through this, aren’t those ultrasounds amazing?! i mean the things you can see are just incredible! we saw every bone, every blood vessel, and even every organ! the babies are growing great and are right on track for being healthy newborns in september. this was fantastic news, and we are so happy that they are doing so well in their cramped spaces. my {awesome} doctor also decided that we should check to make sure that i’m doing ok. this is where things started to get a little worrisome. we discovered that while i’m healthy {no blood pressure, heart rate, etc issues} my cervix has begun to shorten. and unfortunately, it wasn’t just a little bit. and, after freaking out and not sleeping one minute that entire night, we were immediately sent to a specialist the next day where we finished little girl’s anatomy scan and i was rechecked. i was so prepared for surgery, injections, and bed rest that we were so happy to learn that although my cervix is still a little shorter than they would prefer, it was not nearly as short as we had thought the previous day, and i’m not dilating at all. it was pretty much the best news we could  have hoped for and we were both smiling ear to ear as we left the office. so for now, it’s just taking it easy and getting checked frequently by my doctor. it was probably one of the most terrifying things i’ve been through so far and the emotional roller coaster we have been on has just completely drained me this week. these twin pregnancies are no joke y’all.

i’m really happy to report that all of us are doing great for now and i’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on anymore “exciting” pregnancy-related things. hope you all have a wonderful weekend! i promise to give you a glimpse into all of the fun we had in oregon very soon!

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