happy friday everyone! i’ve neglected the blog a little bit this week because things have been CRAZY over here! did i tell you guys that adam and i sold our house while we were in raleigh? yep, and while we are thankful that it happened so quickly we are also freaking out a little since we don’t have another place lined up. and the way the chicago market is right now it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll have anything before our close date. for now though we are keeping a positive attitude and just hoping that the right thing comes along. just for good measure though go ahead and send us your good vibes! seriously, you guys have been amazing and so supportive so i hope you will forgive me for not being as socially active for the next few weeks. i hope you all are enjoying the last couple weeks of summer and that you all have a wonderful weekend!

for those of you that follow me on instagram you probably saw this yesterday, but i just think it’s too funny not to share on here. gruber was moping and trying to look as innocent as possible after i yelled at him for trying to steal a bagel from a little kid at starbucks. what a personality these animals of ours have!


ps. what are some great personality traits of your pets?

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