happy friday everyone! i love these happy friday posts because friday really is one of my favorite days of the week {coming in second only to saturday}. this friday however, i’m not as happy as i normally would be. nope, this friday i have some sad feelings mixed in there.

if you’ve been following the blog for the last month or so then you know that we are moving tomorrow. and while i’m not all sad, it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling. this house is the first house that adam and i ever owned together and will forever be known as our “first home”. we will talk about our lives 40 years from now and say “remember our first home?”, the one where we got gruber, and got engaged, and got married, and had so many ups and downs but came out stronger in the end. remember that place? we’ll probably drive our grown children by this house and tell all of our {what will be boring to them} memories and point and get out and bang on the door and embarrass them by asking the owners if we can come in {i really can’t wait to embarrass my future children with these antics} and we’ll walk around and point to the walls and say remember when we painted this wall gray and our kids will be like “ewww, gray?? ugh mom! that is so 2013”. i know we will look back on this house and have nothing, but wonderful memories and that thought alone makes me happy. the truth is that this was our first home and rarely is your first home ever your forever home, so i knew this day would come. we worked hard for this home and we did a lot of work to this home. this home will always be special.


there’s no doubt that i’ll miss this house. while i truly am happy to be moving forward and to be honest i’m excited about what the future will bring us, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some sorrowful feelings either. thanks for being so supportive of us during this transition. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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