happy friday y’all! hope everyone has had a fantastic week! to be honest this week was pretty uneventful for us. between getting ready for our thanksgiving trip up to wisconsin and some not so great weather i mostly hung out and got things done at the apartment.

by the time wednesday came around i was feeling a little like jack torrance {the shining, anyone…} so i decided to just get out and go for a walk. lately i’ve been trying to grab my camera anytime i head out of the house and especially when i’m just taking a walk, i’ve noticed that by taking pictures it forces me to stop and look at my surroundings and really observe the city. while i love chicago, i’ve found that lately i’ve been having a “why do i live in this god forsaken city” attitude and so by forcing myself to look through the camera lens at all of the beauty and vibrance the city has i’m beginning to remember exactly why i love living here. the transition from our neighborhood to “downtown” has been a little difficult and i find myself really missing our old place. i know this feeling is just temporary though and i’m hoping we find a house soon. as i walked around our new neighborhood {fulton river district/west loop/river west??} i started to really notice that even though we don’t have tree-lined streets, there is so much color. i was really happy to have such a new perspective on this area and also a little sad that i hadn’t noticed it until now.

i started my walk right outside of my front door which just so happens to be one our favorite places to eat, carnivale. we have taken so many out-of-town guests here because the food is great and the atmosphere is even better!


^^ our first apartment was in this building. it’s kind of funny that we are only a couple of blocks from where we started our chicago adventure 6 1/2 years ago.

chi1^^there’s not a lot of green space in our new neighborhood and that has been a hard adjustment. with a view like that though, it’s easy to overlook

chi4^^ i’m obsessed with shadows. i’ve even been thinking about creating a photo series of nothing, but shadow art.

chi2chi3after walking around for about 45 minutes, i ended my walk right where i had begun. it was a really beautiful day {kind of windy, but not too cold} and as i came back home i felt so refreshed.┬áchicago, even though you get on my nerves…a lot…i still love you.


on another note: hope you all have a wonderful weekend! can you believe it’s already thanksgiving next week?! we’ll be getting ready for our trip and also seeing the hunger games {yeah, i’m one of those people}!

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