well, almost. last year the babies were a puppy and a bunny {see their adorable costumes here} and this year they are going to be a lion {breck} and a lamb {thatcher}. see what i did there? we’ll be getting dressed up and heading out to the zoo tomorrow for some halloween fun so i’ll be sure to share some pics over on instagram and then on here monday. i haven’t actually put the costumes on them yet, but i know they’ll be adorable. i’m also going to attempt some face painting, but we’ll see how that works out {two wiggly toddlers may have different ideas}. this halloween season has been pretty fun so far. the twins are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with pumpkins. or as thatcher calls them “ball ball” {she thinks they are balls and refuses to call them pumpkins}. breck calls them “puh-in” {maybe this is one of those crazy mom things, but i think it’s the most adorable thing ever}. almost everyday we’ve been hanging outside playing with the 4 pumpkins i bought for our front stoop and so the other day i decided to snap a few pics. fair warning: the cuteness is unreal {ok, again, maybe that’s just one of those crazy mom things, but i don’t care}.

pump pump1 pump2^^ the way they are always looking at one another just melts my heart. pump3^^ pointing at me and telling me “no, mama. ball ball” when i told her they’re not balls, they’re pumpkins. i have a very strong suspicion this girl is going to give me some gray hairs in the future.pump4pump5 pump6 pump7 pump8 pump9 pump10 pump11 pump12 pump13 pump14

happy happy halloween! we hope you all have a wonderful time trick-or-treating!

ps. if you haven’t heard about the teal pumpkin project {which we’ll be participating in} check it out here. it’s a great project advocating for kids with severe food allergies and it’s super easy! we hope you’ll all participate as well!

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