happy 2014!

i have very mixed feelings about new  year resolutions. in some ways i love looking back and examining my life and coming up with purposeful + hopeful goals for myself. on the other hand, resolutions seem so…resolute. and the disappoint of realizing those things that i haven’t achieved at the end of each year can be a little discouraging. i usually think really hard about what i want the next year to hold and one thing i’ve learned over the years is that it’s important to give yourself realistic + achievable goals and to remember to be flexible with yourself and not be so disappointed when a resolution doesn’t work out the way you want. so in 2014 i want to 1. eat better. no, i don’t mean diet and lose weight. i mean eat better quality and nutritious foods. i’m very guilty of grabbing a bag of potato chips every time i’m hungry for a snack and i’m hoping in 2014 that will change to a fresh piece of fruit or a freshly baked kale chips {i love these, i’m just usually too lazy to make them}. 2. exercise more regularly. i know a lot of people put exercise on their resolution list and then they don’t stick with it and it’s really disappointing, yadda yadda yadda. but, i have always loved exercising {especially running}. i mean, i ran a marathon just this past april. but, lately i haven’t made it a priority like i used to and i’m hoping that changes soon. 3. take more pictures. i know you guys probably think i take too many pictures, but i want to take more than just blog pictures. i love photography and i want to really see the world through my camera lens. i want to learn to focus on the little details and to document all of life’s moments. 4. be fearless. this is one that i’ve been working on for a couple of years. i have a lot of fears…heights, snakes, sharks, germs, flying, etc. i’ve been doing my best to overcome these and i’ve been working really hard to always try something at least once. i’ve walked to the ledge of a mountain in the swiss alps, i’ve flown to europe…multiple times, i rode roller coasters + gondolas + and vernaculars and yet i still feel like there is so much more for me to try. i don’t always like what i’m doing {when i’m doing it}, but some of my best memories have been made trying things that scare me. 5. give my husband all of me. i don’t mean dote on him or serve him more, but to really give myself to him. i want to be present in all moments with him. to listen to him and really hear what he is saying. to understand and sympathize with his feelings. to be a true best friend to him. and to have him feel all of the love i have for him. he is my whole heart and he doesn’t deserve anything less than this. and yet every year i feel as though this is the one resolution i fail the most. i hope that this is one i can finally succeed at in 2014. 6. be a better friend. this year has been amazing. but also, incredibly busy. and i feel like i’ve lost touch with some very important people in my life. sometimes it feels hard to make time for people, but it’s really not. you can make time for anything or anyone if you really want to. and in 2014, i really want to. 7. be present. i want to cherish each and every moment of next year and to be present in those moments. sometimes it’s hard to remember to really be active in all of life’s happenings. with the blog, instagram, facebook, texting, etc. it can be easy to get lost in the superficial of the moment and to really miss out on what is going on. i’m really bad about stepping away from something so that i can “capture” it and this year i want to stop doing that so much. 8. donate more. i want to donate more time, money, items, services, etc to those that need it. my heart physically aches when i think about all of the people, children, + animals that need our help and this year i hope that i can continue to do more to be a better person to those less fortunate. 9. laugh harder, and more. this is something i tell myself to do every year. i don’t care if it makes me wrinkly, i want to smile ear to ear and laugh so hard that i snort, everyday! we only get one of these lives and i want to make it the best it can be by filling it with things that are fun and happy!
i have a few more resolutions, but i’m going to keep those to myself. this year has truly been amazing and a lot of it is because of all of you out there. i wish you guys a very happy and healthy 2014! and although the blog wasn’t around for all of 2013, here are some of my favorite moments {make sure your volume is on}:

song is the greenest grass by joshua radin.

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