01 louise roe design essentials copenhagen copper star  i love the thought of using the unexpected metal as holiday decor. this would make a great alternative to a wreath or hang it on the wall over your mantle // 02 red sparkle twig put this in a white vase on the table as a centerpiece or put some washi tape over the stem and stick it to the wall // 03 glittered geometry garland because who doesn’t love a little glitter?  combined with the geometric shapes this is the perfect modern version of the classic christmas garland // 04 bay leaf wreath anyone can hang an evergreen wreath, but why not be a little different than your neighbor? bay leaf is so pretty and it smells great too! change it up this year. // 05 gold sitting reindeer this holiday accessory feels so mid century to me. and since mid century is the perfect combination between classic and contemporary, this is a piece that can fit in with any type of decor. gold is fresh and can go with almost any color. buy a couple of these to use as accent pieces on a coffee table or even on your holiday bar. // 06 weathered elk antler this holiday season i am loving all of the elk/deer/moose antlers. they bring a rustic feel to any room without being too obvious. try placing a couple of these on the dining room table as your centerpiece for christmas dinner. // 07  ferm living house christmas calendar one of my favorite things about the holiday season is counting down to christmas day! and my house just doesn’t feel complete without an advent calendar. what you put in each day is up to you {i love to put candy in mine}!

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