it’s birthday week! yay! and also, oh my goodness, how is it already their birthday week?! what i really mean is how the heck do i already have {almost} three year olds?! three. year. olds. people! where has the time gone and why can’t it slow down just a little? but that’s another topic for another day so back to the fun stuff! 

we’re heading to chicago as we do every year for the twins’ birthday and since we won’t actually be here for the big day i decided to give them one of their presents early – their new kazam balance bikes!

i had thought about keeping the bikes until their birthday party in a couple of weeks, but once they came i just couldn’t wait! i knew the twins would love them and i was too excited to wait! when thatcher opened the box and saw the red helmet and bike she exclaimed “thank you mama! these are my favorite!” {red is her favorite color so anything that’s red is her “favorite”}. and less talkative breck, just looked at me, smiled, and said “bike!”. then they both started begging me to put on their helmets. so we put them on and off we went – to one of our favorite coffee shops of course. 

aside from all of the fun color choices another reason i chose these bikes is because of the unique foot pad. now for older kids {or maybe ones that are just a little better at bike riding than mine} this is meant for the kids to be able to rest their feet on and glide while they ride {pretty cool!}. but let me tell you, for parents of 2-3 year olds, this foot pad serves an even better purpose. i don’t know about you, but every time the twins ride their bikes somewhere they always get tired in the middle of the ride. but this foot pad let them rest their feet while adam + i pulled them! it was perfect! usually we’re stuck carrying a bike and trying to wrangle a child, but this allowed us to just pull them along and well, that right there automatically made this bike better than any other balance bike we’ve tried. 

when we arrived at the coffee shop, i tried to make the twins park their bikes. i took their helmets off and turned to go grab our food + drinks and before i had even walked through the door, they were back on them trying to “ride away from mommy”. 

i tried and tried, but i just couldn’t get this girl off her kazam bike! {not even for her beloved “coffee”}

breck decided it was ok to grab a table as long as his bike could sit with him. and so now i’m wondering if they’re even going to play with any of the other toys they’re going to get. sorry – friends and family, you have some tough competition with gifts 😉 

i can’t wait for lots of fun family bike rides! and not to mention – all of the energy they expend riding bikes {hello 3 hour nap}. if you guys are looking for a new bike or a perfect gift you should check out kazam bikes! the twins will tell you that these bikes are “their favorites”!

you can shop our exact model here 








*this post is sponsored by kazam bikes. as always all opinions and thoughts are my own and reflect my honest experience and assessment.




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