some days i feel like i’m really starting to get a hang of this whole parenting thing. i begin to feel normal again and i even get a glimpse of what fun things lie ahead {when we aren’t having to worry about pumping/feeding/sleeping schedules}. wednesday was one of those days. it was beautiful outside and the twins had just had another great doctor’s appointment {by the way – breck is now 6 lbs 10 oz and thatcher is 6 lbs 12 oz!!!}. adam and i were starving – as per usual we realized at about 2pm that neither of us had eaten all day – and as we were driving home we spotted a place called real kitchen. we had never noticed it before and although we had no idea what it was or if the food would be any good, we were so hungry we didn’t really care. luckily, we were pleasantly surprised. the food was fresh, unique, and most importantly, very tasty!


these lunch dates are starting to become more frequent and i’m really proud of us for getting out of the house. so far we’ve managed to get ourselves out and about at least once a day and even if it’s not, i feel like that is a huge accomplishment. the twins are pretty content babies and so we’re trying to take advantage of their easy going personalities by bringing them along and exposing them to all of the things we love {even if they are only 5 weeks and have no idea what’s going on}. i hope that by including them they’ll grow to appreciate everything the city offers {and maybe they’ll even enjoying hanging out with their parents ;)}.


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