you guys have heard me mention one hope united before {read about it here} when they had the trivia night back in the beginning of summer. well, one hope united’s next big event is oktobefest on september 20 {and you’re all invited!!}. yesterday, i got to hang out with some really awesome kids and make some really awesome magnets for the event! adam + i {and a few other board members} headed down to the bridgeport center which houses kids ages 2-12 where we helped the kids paint blocks of wood to turn into magnets. the kids had a lot of fun {as did we!} and were begging to make more! it was a really great experience and anytime you’re involved with a charity i think it’s important to remind yourself of why the charity really exists and what/who it helps. i hope that in the future adam + i will have more opportunities to work not only with the bridgeport center, but other one hope united centers as well. here’s a few pics from all the fun we had yesterday…



like i said before, oktoberfest is september 20! it’s at the joffrey ballet downtown and your admission ticket gets you all the food and drink you could want! also, if you are a beer nerd like adam you’ll be super excited to know that all of the beer will be provided by revolution brewery {all this beer is also included in your ticket price!}!! be sure to get your tickets soon {early bird special ends on august 31}! click here to purchase tickets! if you are local to chicago or are planning to be here that weekend i’d love to see you!


ps. hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend! 3 day weekends are the best!!

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