i had my first photography class last week. {did i tell you guys i finally decided on a program?!} as a part of my “homework” i had to photograph some chicago architecture. lately i’ve really been falling in love with living “downtown” again and so i decided that to challenge myself a little further, i would only photograph my block. i took about 25 shots in total {as per the instructions of the assignment} and these were just a few of my favorites. it was a big adjustment moving back this way from lakeview {even though they are only a few miles apart they feel so different}, but i’m really starting to appreciate being in this neighborhood {i mean, i live right across from one of chicago’s best donut shops…enough said.} i’m really going to try to start bringing my camera with me as much as possible so that i can start to really see the beauty and details through my lens {it was one of my resolutions after all} and maybe i’ll even start a little series for you guys.

ps. the last picture is my building.


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