hi friends! so you guys know i’m not one to do a shameless plug, but ever since i got these b + t rings a couple of weeks ago i’ve been obsessed. i had been looking for some jewelry that kind of represented my babies for a while now, but if you know me at all {and i think you do} then you know how picky i am with jewelry everything. i had looked at bracelets, necklaces, rings, but nothing was the simple, organic design that i wanted. so when i had the pleasure of meeting elisabetta, the owner of bread & circus, i was instantly in love with her designs. not only are her pieces unique and well made, she is absolutely darling. instantly meeting her i could tell that she has a passion for making jewelry and that it really shines through in the quality and look of all of her pieces. with the holidays coming up it’s the perfect time to buy your loved ones {or yourself} some great jewelry. here’s a few things from bread & circus on my list {hint hint}:

b+cb+c1b+c3i seriously love everything elisabetta makes, but these 3 things better find a way into my stocking {again, hint hint…hubby!}. and since i love you all so much {and because elisabetta is such a sweet person} if you head on over to my instagram account i’ll be sharing a discount code just for you guys!









all images excluding b+t rings are taken from the bread & circus website and are not my own.

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