hi guys! sorry for the absence last week. it was a fun, kind of crazy, and definitely weird week.  it started out great, but kind of ended on a bad note {the babies + i ended up getting sick and breck had his first trip to the e.r. – he’s totally fine and will probably have a nice scar to impress all of the future ladies with}. but, let’s not focus on the bad. the best part of the week was the beginning when my parents came to visit! it was my dad’s first trip to toronto and we had so much fun showing him around our favorite spots. the twins just adore their nori and pops and i was so thankful for the extra hands while adam was away.

parentsparents1last sunday the twins turned 11 months so we headed over to fort york to take some pictures and let them run around. the fort has been around since the war of 1812 and we only live a few blocks from it, but have never been so we decided to check it out. we didn’t really get to see much of it because it was so hot and the twins were more interested in just running around the open area, but we sure did have fun!

parents2we also decided to head down to the lake front since neither one of my parents had been there and it’s one of our favorite spots. in fact in a normal week the twins and i probably head to the lakefront 4-5 times – the twins love seeing the ducks, watching the boats, and there are always a bunch of “puppies” around. thatcher usually just walks around saying “diddy” {aka puppy} as people pass with their dogs. it’s always a lot of fun and having my parents there with us made it even more so!

parents3parents4parents5^^ thatcher ran all over the place! i can barely keep up with that girl anymore!

parents6parents7parents8parents9^^ we also had fun just hanging out at home. although i sometimes feel like we are bursting out of this tiny condo {and believe me, i am so so so ready to move into our house}, sometimes i feel like it’s perfect. that day, it was the latter. i loved that we were all smushed together in a tiny space, forced to interact with each other. sometimes i worry that with a big a house, people will be upstairs while others are downstairs and we won’t spend the same time together. what do you guys think? do you live in a house with different living areas on different levels? do you find yourself having to make a conscious effort to spend quality time with your significant other or visiting guests? just curious.

parents10parents15parents16parents17parents18parents19^^ of course we couldn’t let nori and pops leave without going to our favorite spot! we spend more time at the playground than anywhere else in the whole city! we come here everyday, and most days more than once {it’s the only way i can contain them running around outside!}. thatcher showed them how she climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide, while breck made his love for the swings known. we had a blast!

parents20^^ also, look what thatcher discovered one morning! it may look like she’s helping, but don’t be fooled. she climbed right up there and tried to pull everything out!

parents21parents22parents23parents24^^ unfortunately, it came time to say goodbye way too quick. but, we couldn’t let them leave without finding an italian cafe/bakery that also served gelato! so glad we found this place, i have a feeling the twins and i will be back…very soon…and very often. thanks for hanging with us, nori and pops and thanks for everything you do for us!

ps. happy happy birthday to my beautiful mom!! we love you so much!

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