on the sunday of memorial day weekend in raleigh my mom found a super cute {although, very tiny} vintage market pop-up shop downtown. we weren’t really sure what to expect, but it was cute and we all had a lot of fun. the treats were sweet, there were some fun finds, and the atmosphere was friendly. it was a lot smaller than we thought it would be so afterwards we decided to grab some drinks and munch on some snacks nearby. it was such a perfect day! and if any of you are local and want to check it out, i was told by one of the shops that it’s there the 4th sunday of every month during the summer!rr1r3r4r6r7^^ this sweet girl makes her own cupcakes and sells them at the market! she was so cute and i loved her drive. how many preteens do you know that have their own business?! you go girl!r8r9r10^^ best. vintage. find. ever.r11^^ i hate that this is blurry, but i’m trying to be better about being in pictures instead of always taking them. i started thinking that when breck + thatcher get older they are going to think that i was never around for anything since i never have pictures with them. it’s stupid i know, but i want them to be able to look back and have memories with me too.r12r13r14^^ gosh i love this family of mine.r16r19r17r18r15and i know it’s obvious, but these twins are loved beyond words. it melts my heart knowing just how many people care about them. i’m so thankful for this beautiful family.

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