happy friday! i hope you all have had a wonderful week! adam + I have been up in vancouver, british columbia for the last few days, mainly to see adam’s favorite band play {pearl jam}. the show was wednesday night and it was great {one of the best shows we’ve ever been to}! aside from good music here’s a few other things we have been enjoying:

20131205-220635.jpg^^ our view from the hotel is amazing



20131205-220724.jpg^^ this is a *very* small sampling of the delicious food we have had. the food scene here is giving chicago a run for its money

20131205-220743.jpg^^ adam always finds the best coffee shops

20131205-220757.jpg^^ our views have looked like this the entire week. it’s breathtaking.

hope you guys all have a great weekend! we are heading down to seattle today and then back to chicago sunday night!

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