we have a tree!! yay! this weekend we headed out to the rural lands of ontario, hopped on a horse drawn wagon, grabbed a saw, and chopped down a tree {well, i guess technically adam chopped down the tree, but we did provide lots of moral support}! we were having so much fun and were so busy chasing b + t that i only took two pictures. at first i was kind of mad at myself {how could i not properly document the twins’ first christmas tree experience?!}, but then i was actually really proud of myself. proud because i was so present in the moment that i didn’t even think to grab my camera. and even though i only have a few weeks to spare, i can now tick off one of last year’s resolutions {i want to be more present in all moments, but hey you got to start somewhere}. here’s the couple of pictures snapped {if you follow me on instagram, sorry…these are repeats}.

xmastree1 xmastree2and the best part of the whole experience?! when we got home the tree was too big…

xmastreeoops! i swear it didn’t look that big outside. don’t worry, adam has chopped the top off to make room for our star, it’s been let out, the tree skirt is covering the ugly stand and it’s just waiting for some decorations {we’re planning on doing them this weekend}. and honestly, it’s the most full and prettiest tree adam + i have ever had. i can’t wait to fill it with all our presents! happy holidays friends! no matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope it’s a wonderful season!

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