a few weeks ago adam + i headed out to oregon’s willamette valley to do some wine tasting. ok, so, i wasn’t so much doing wine tasting as i was watching other people do wine tasting. but hey, tomato tomato. we obviously planned this trip prior to learning that we had two little ones on the way. actually we planned it almost a year ago when we were in the willamette valley last spring drinking lots of wine. i’m not a big drinker, but we had so much fun that as soon as we got back to chicago, we immediately planned another trip. and, i think we’ve decided that this may turn into a yearly trip for us. it’s much more laid back than our usual travel and it’s nice to have those kind of trips every once in a while.


we stayed at the beautiful allison inn & spa. not only is the hotel gorgeous (inside + outside), but the views are spectacular. they have a fantastic restaurant on site and the spa is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. {i spent quite a bit of time in the spa on this trip}. but, since i couldn’t just sit in the spa the whole trip {although i would have totally been ok with that} we decided to spend one of our days hanging out in mcminville {a cute little town in the valley} and salem. we hadn’t been to salem before and it since it’s oregon capital we decided to check it out. to be honest, it wasn’t all that great. we spent a few hours walking around and then decided to come back to the willamette valley.

crescent cafehonest chocolates

^^ honest chocolates in mcminville are honestly some of the best chocolates i’ve ever had. {see what i did there…}



^^ the sign we parked under in salem. i mean…come on.

wine map

and since this is wine country of course i went out with adam to the wineries one day. don’t feel bad for him though, while i spent my time in the spa he went out with a guide, so this wasn’t his only wine tasting day. he was really happy because he had a built in d.d. this year anytime we went out.

brooksbrooks 1st innocentbethel heights 2bethel heights 1cristom

i can’t comment on how good any of the wine was this year, but adam + i had so much fun just hanging out with each other and it’s so interesting to learn about how each winery makes their wine. i guess this was our “baby moon” {especially since for now, i’m stuck hanging out on the couch}, and so for that reason alone i’m sure this trip with always be special to us.

and for those of you asking for a picture of pregnant me, here’s one of the only ones i let adam take in oregon:

tess 18 preg^^ i think in the last 3 weeks since this was taken, my belly has doubled in size. my poor belly button is just about nonexistent at this point.


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