a couple of weekends ago adam + i hopped on a plane from chicago and headed to washington d.c. although our original motive for booking the trip was the redskins/bears game {go skins!} we ended up having an extra day just to ourselves to explore the city. now, washington d.c. to many people is just the place where they went on their middle school class trip, or a city they had to learn about in u.s. history, or maybe even just something they’ve seen on t.v. when protests or speeches are happening, but for me, d.c. is special. it holds a little piece of my heart because i grew up just outside of there in northern virginia. and when i think about when my grandmother would take me around the city and on tours of all of the buildings, or when my parents would take us down to the museums, or when we would watch the fireworks go off by the monument, and especially when we would visit my grandaddy for the holidays at his d.c. home and all of the pranks he would play on us, it just brings back such warm feelings. my siblings and i spent so much time in d.c. growing up and i have such fond memories of the city. the history that is present in the city is unmatched anywhere else in the u.s. so when we planned the trip and we realized we would have a whole day to do nothing, but enjoy the beautiful city, i was thrilled!


^^ we started out the day by heading to starbucks {of course} and then over to a breakfast spot called founding farmers. we had been to founding farmers a couple of years ago with adam’s sister and had a really good experience. when we were there last time the food and service were fantastic. unfortunately, this time not so much. we didn’t have reservations, but that wasn’t a problem as we quickly found a spot at the bar {it’s full service and first come first serve}. adam + i both ordered an eggs benedict version and both us had eggs that were cooked hard instead of over easy which in my book is a big no-no when it comes to eggs benedict. with so many good spots to eat, this is just totally unacceptable and inexcusable in my book {have i told you guys how much i love my breakfast?!}. i hate to say it, but  sorry founding farmers, i don’t think we’ll be seeing you again.


^^ after breakfast we started walking around the city. i love the architecture in d.c. and could spend an entire day just looking at all of the pretty buildings!


^^ we even made it over to the white house! there was a huge line out front waiting to do a tour since it had just reopened that day.


^^ a plaque talking about the webster-ashburton treaty…did i mention that i’m related to daniel webster?! here’s a little secret about me too – my middle name is webster.


^^ i mean how can you not fall in love with the architecture there?!


^^ after walking around for a bit, adam + i decided to head over to the natural history museum. it was hard to decide which museum to go to the this time, but how could any girl pass up the hope diamond. also,  i can’t remember what kind of gem the other one is, but doesn’t it look like a figure floating in the clouds? i just thought it was so cool and the lighting they had shining on it was so amazing. next time you guys are in dc, i highly recommend this museum {along with a few others} – you can’t beat the price of a smithsonian either – it’s free!

dc13dc14^^ did i mention how much i love d.c.?! there are people out and about everywhere and although that makes for horrible {and almost unbearable} traffic, it also makes the city feel vibrant and alive.


^^ we stayed in georgetown {our favorite neighborhood in the city} and if you know me at all you know that i couldn’t just walk by this place…


^^ we also hopped into the swedish embassy {something that is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence whenever we visit the city}. another secret about me {or maybe not so secret} – i’m half swedish {i bet you can guess which side of the family i get that from…you’ve seen my dad, right?}


^^ that afternoon we needed a pick-me-up before dinner so after the concierge at the hotel told us that kramers had the best cup of coffee in the city we decided to head over there. unfortunately, i did not share our concierge’s opinion. i didn’t try the food, but from a distance it did look good. and the bookstore part was awesome!

overall d.c. was a fun trip. i wish we would have had some more time there, but i know it won’t be long before we are back. have you guys been lately? do you have any good suggestions of things to do when we go next time?

** on a side note:


^^ we tried to go here for breakfast before heading over to farming founders, but it turns out that blueduck tavern is more of a reservations only kind of place.  we had been once before a couple of years ago and knew how good it is, so we were a little bummed. and although we didn’t eat breakfast there we did head back for dessert later that night and oh boy was it good! i would highly recommend this place to anyone traveling to d.c., just make sure you have reservations first!

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