not too much going on over here. we’re just getting ready for our trip to spain next week! and let me tell you…i hate packing. it is the bane of my existence. but unfortunately, it is a necessity. since adam and i get to travel quite a bit i’ve gotten pretty good at packing efficiently. here’s a few tips i’ve learned over the years:

  1. begin by pulling your suitcase out of the closet. having your suitcase sitting in clear view reminds you that a. you have to pack and b. just how much space you actually have. often times i remember my suitcase being bigger than it actually is. i think to myself, it’ll be no problem to fit 20 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes, 2 purses, toiletries, and jewelry. then i look at my bag and realize this is not possible. so having the suitcase in front of you will remind you of this and will help to keep the packing under control.
  2. before you begin packing check the weather. there’s nothing worse than packing cute sundresses and getting to your destination to have it be 50 degrees and rainy {this may or may not have happened to me once before}. i like to get a full forecast of the expected weather before i even begin to think about what articles of clothing i will be packing.
  3. make a “what to pack” listi love lists. and by writing one of everything you will need to pack will allow you to check at the end to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. laundry. this seems obvious, but is something i have mistakenly forgotten to do a few times before traveling. i like to do the laundry 1 week before leaving so that i can begin packing as soon as possible.
  5. go shoppingonce you’ve made your “what to pack” list and have done the laundry you’ll know exactly what you’re missing and what you need. i spent last weekend getting all of the things i didn’t have on my list {read about it here}.
  6. make a “things to do” list. make a list of all the things you need to get done before leaving {ie. get manicure, buy dog food, pick up dry cleaning, etc}. this will help relieve a lot of stress when you’re on the way to the airport and thinking did i remember to turn off the sprinklers?.
  7. make an activities listi like to make a list of all planned activities for the trip. this will help you know what kind of clothes you need to pack. do you have a hiking day trip planned? or a nice dinner? you may want specific types of clothing for certain activities.
  8. begin putting outfits together. i like to begin putting together the outfits on my “what to pack” list. usually adam and i use our guest bed. this allows you to see the outfits and make sure that they will be appropriate for your planned activities.
  9. begin packing the toiletries bagif you do this in advance you are much less likely to forget the toothpaste. i like to do this 3-4 days prior to leaving.
  10. check your travel documents {ie. passport, id, etc}yes, again this should be obvious. however, last year we were frantically trying to get adam’s passport renewed just weeks before we left because we {he} didn’t realize it had expired.
  11. exchange your dollars for the local currency. you don’t want to arrive somewhere and not have any local money. what if the cab you take to the hotel only accepts cash? you don’t need a lot of money beforehand, but it is a good idea to carry some.
  12. send an itinerary to family or close friendit is always a good idea to make sure that someone knows where you are supposed to be on which day. safety first people!
  13. schedule your flight in the afternoon/eveningif possible give yourself some time to get things done the day you leave. this way if you realize you are forgetting some last minute items you have time to get them.
  14. buy a luggage scale. i saved the best for last. buy a luggage scale so you aren’t hit with any unexpected fees at the airport. after paying the heavy luggage fee a few too many times adam finally bought me a scale last year and i have to say, it has been one of our best purchases.

i hope these tips help you with your next trip. do you guys have any tips? i’d love to know what i’m leaving out.


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