lately i’ve been thinking about sharpening my photography skills and have even been contemplating going back to school to get a certificate in photography. i’ve been doing a lot of research about different schools and programs and i’ve also been researching different aspects of photography {wedding, newborn, family, nature, travel, food, etc}. the other day while i was looking at some inspirational photography online i came across this book, dancers among us. now apparently this book was all over the new york times bestseller list and was even endorsed by oprah so i’m sure most of you have already come across this and are thinking this is so 6 months ago, but sometimes i’m a little slow when it comes to things like this so here you go. i’m talking about it now. 7 months after it was released. deal with it.


^ i chose this last picture because the girl is dancing on a desk that says “jenelle” which is the name of my beautiful cousin who is also a dancer!

these images are amazing for many reasons and i just love them. to check out the rest of them and/or order the book click here.

all photos by jordan matter photography

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