it’s been a while since i’ve done a post about food. mostly because i don’t get out to try new places very often anymore {thank you b + t}. but also since we’ve moved to toronto i haven’t found the food scene to be quite the same as it is in chicago. that’s not to say there aren’t great restaurants in toronto {i’m sure there are}, i just haven’t found them yet. so as i continue to explore our new city and find great places i’ll be sure to let you all know. and if you guys know of any spots then please, pass them along! for now though i’m sharing this great pizza place {pizzeria libretto}!

pl1i’ve been searching for a pizza place ever since we moved. despite what most of you might think, i’m actually not a huge fan of deep dish. i much prefer a thin crust and especially napoli style so when a group of friends suggested it as a back-up plan to wine tasting on a rainy sunday i was super excited to try it!

pl2pl3^^ we started with the free bread and yummy meatballs. i’m not usually a big meatball fan {except for swedish meatballs} so i have to be honest, i didn’t try these ones. the other ladies told me they were very good though and so if you like meatballs, i’d say give em a try! as far as the bread goes…is bread ever bad?

pl4pl5^^ all of us, except for my friend megan, had the caprese pizza and all i have to say is yum yum yum. i already want another one of these and as i’m looking at this pic i’m seriously thinking about heading there for lunch today to get one. megan had the first pizza which is the eggplant pizza. i contemplated getting this one, but after she told me it was spicier than she expected i was glad i didn’t {have i told you guys how much of a wimp i am when it comes to spicy food?!}.

pl6^^ did i mention that we are all expats? in fact 4/5 of us have ties to chicago in someway so it’s been really nice to find a piece of home here. you may expect canada to be similar to the us {i know i did}, but it really is so different. i find myself really missing “american things” every once in a while so it’s fun to have a group of friends who can relate to in that way. as a side note, i am finding that toronto is feeling more and more like home everyday and i’m feeling so thankful for all of the new friends who are making it that way.

pl7^^ no “kid-free” meal is complete without a little wine. if you guys find yourself in toronto {or if you live here} i would highly recommend pizzeria libretto! cheers!

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