i love hanging by {and in} the pool during the summer. i grew up doing cannonballs and playing marco polo with my friends everyday during summer break. i remember meeting up with the same group of friends and literally spending the entire day playing, swimming, and eating ice cream poolside. it’s so nostalgic to me and it’s something i hope breck + thatcher will spend their summers doing too. because i have always loved the water adam + i decided to get the twins started with swimming lessons as soon as possible {read about their first lesson here}. from their very first class it’s been apparent that they too are going to be total water babies! they love everything about the water and have absolutely no fear about just jumping right in. before memorial day though, they hadn’t ever been to an outdoor pool or to a pool just to have fun and not do “lessons”, so i was so excited when my mother-in-law suggested taking them to her neighborhood pool! we had so much fun and even met another set of twins! {they were 7 years old and their mom had some really great tips for me!} the twins floated around in those little raft things with the sunshades, lounged and played on the pool deck, and even “swam” underwater! they were fascinated by all of the older kids and thatcher particularly liked a 3 year old girl. it got me so excited to take them to the pool this summer, but unfortunately the toronto weather hasn’t been cooperating so here’t to hoping it warms up soon because i am ready to for hot summer weather!pool1pool2pool3pool4pool5pool6pool8

pool7^^ i snapped this pic of my dad + breck later that day. breck is so musical and loves when my dad plays his guitar. it’s the most adorable thing ever!

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