hi all! thank you so much for all of the kind emails, texts, fb messages, comments, etc about the twins! i’ve wanted to respond to you all personally, but have just been so busy so i thought i’d compile all of the most frequently asked questions so far and answer them for you guys here. adam + i are really excited to share this pregnancy with you guys so if there are more questions or things you guys want to know leave them in the comments on this page and we’ll do a part two!

Q: when is your due date?
A: i figured i’d start with this question because this was by far the most frequently asked by you all. my due date according to the traditional calculation is september 30, however my doctor {and i agree with him} feels that twin pregnancies should not progress past 38 weeks. This makes my due date september 16.

Q: how far along are you?
A: if you really wanted to, you could calculate this based on the previous question’s answer, but i’ll make easy for you guys…as of today, i am 14 weeks 3 days.

Q: do you know what you’re having {referring to genders}?
not yet! it’s still too early. we’ll hopefully be finding out in a couple of weeks and as soon as we know, we’ll let you know!

Q: are your twins identical or fraternal?
A: we don’t know yet, but we think they are most likely fraternal. each baby has their own sac and own placenta and although this can happen with identical or fraternal twins, it is way more common in fraternal twins. there’s only 2 ways we can find out for sure – either the twins will be one boy and one girl {this is not possible if they are identical}, or they will be the same sex and we will just have to wait and see if they look alike – if they do, then we can do a dna test to find out for sure.

Q: do you have names picked out for them?
A: this question kind of makes me laugh. and i’ve been asked this by quite a few of you {this was the 2nd most frequently asked question from everyone}. maybe it’s just that a lot of you know that i am kind of a name fanatic or maybe you guys just know how type a i am and think i’ve probably had their names planned for years. i don’t know, but like i said, it’s been asked A LOT. however, no…we don’t have any names picked out yet. and i hate to do this to you guys, but once we know, we won’t be telling anyone until the babies are born. sorry!

Q: what are you going to do with gruber once the babies are born?
A: although this was only asked by one person, this question really bothers me. and the answer is nothing. we won’t be doing anything with him. gruber is a member of our family and these babies are not a replacement for him. now, if what you actually meant to ask was: are you going to prepare gruber for the arrival of the babies? {and i’m kind of hoping this is what you meant} then the answer would be yes. we will be doing some training with gruber- getting him used to strollers, crying babies, etc. we’ll try to prepare him as best we can, but the poor boy really isn’t going to know what’s about to happen. we’re not too worried that he’ll adjust just fine though.

Q: were you + adam excited/nervous/shocked when you found out it was twins?
A: these 3 adjectives have all been asked. and yes, we felt them all. first we were shocked. the phrase: oh my gosh we’re having twins! was repeated about 50 times before we left the doctor’s office, and then another 100 times as we drove home. after that came the excitement. i mean who wouldn’t be thrilled to learn that they are pregnant…and expecting twins!? lastly, came the nervousness. to be honest, i’m not sure this will ever go away. and i think all of the emotions are experienced by every new set of parents.

Q: how are you feeling?
A: i saved this question for last because it’s my favorite question you all asked. it’s such a sweet question and i’m so happy to say that i’m feeling great! i was pretty lucky during the first trimester and didn’t have it too bad when it came the typical pregnancy symptoms. the worst symptom was the exhaustion. and i can honestly say that i have NEVER felt exhaustion like that before {i know, i know…just wait until the babies come}. now that i’ve hit the 2nd trimester my exhaustion has gotten so much better and i’m feeling fantastic!

again, thank you so so so much of all of the kind words! {you’re going to be so sick of my thank you’s by the end of this pregnancy}. i’m really happy to share this with you all. leave me any other questions below!

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