hi friends! happy friday! hope you’ve all had a great week! honestly, i’ve had kind of a long week – after driving overnight on monday from chicago to toronto, i’m still trying to recover. also, thatcher seems to have something going on and has not been letting us get very much sleep. for some reason when the twins were newborns i found it easy to function on little to no sleep, but now that sleeping through the night has become regular i just can’t push through the exhaustion as easily. do any other moms out there feel this way? i wonder if there is something scientific to this? but anyway {see there goes my sleep deprived brain getting totally off topic}. i debated posting our recent trip to raleigh because all though i had a great time {and i mean a really really great time} i was kind of lazy with taking pictures and to be honest not only did i not take a lot, i don’t think the quality of the shots are totally great either. i find myself getting pickier and pickier about what gets my approval nowadays. maybe my type a is getting worse as i get older? who knows. but, we did have a lot of fun so i thought i’d at least share what i do have.

ralwe started the trip off the weekend before thanksgiving. we were able to squeeze in some time with friends {i’m so mad i didn’t get any pictures of the twins playing with their little friends} and also, some of adam’s family who was visiting from france! by thanksgiving, all of adam’s extended family was in town and i also had some family visiting so we had tons of helping hands! and while i do love going back to raleigh, i also struggle with balancing time while we are there. it gets a little overwhelming trying to see friends, my family, adam’s family, and everyone in between. i feel like i am constantly moving and the twins are never able to get back on their schedule. often times before we go i feel super stressed over planning our time there and i always feel like there’s at least one person we didn’t get to see/see enough. does anyone else feel this way? do you have a hard time balancing “visitations”? i feel like i’m getting a little bit better at this by trying to prioritize who i really want to see and spend time with and planning to see people in advance of our trips. although this visit, there were at least 2 friends i wanted to see and didn’t; and even more family members i felt like i didn’t see enough. if anyone has any tips please pass them along!


also, while we were in raleigh i was so tempted to never leave because the weather was gorgeous! while toronto was getting it’s first snow {a friend told me it snowed the day we left}, raleigh was letting us play outside all day with no jackets! we even wore short sleeves a few times! i’m still contemplating heading back just to escape the cold {and the sad thing is, i know it’s not even that cold yet and i’m already sick of it}.

ral4ral5ral6ral8ral9ral10^^ turns out thatcher doesn’t mind walking in the grass, but certainly hates touching it! poor girl had a complete meltdown when she fell and her hands touched it.

ral2^^ and speaking of being upset over dumb things…breckie had a meltdown when i wouldn’t let him close the door and shut his sister out on the deck. oh toddlerhood, you never cease to amaze me.

ral11^^ and leave it to b + t to find a random pumpkin. 10 seconds later there was another meltdown…this time over sharing the pumpkin. in fact, sharing has started to become our most frequent cause of meltdowns.

ral3^^ this girl and her “diddies” {that’s thatcher for puppies}. she’s never met a dog she didn’t like and she loved my parents’ two dogs. i couldn’t keep her away – she followed them everywhere!

ral12^^ my beautiful sister and mom. so so thankful for these two women.

ral13ral14ral15ral16^^ and although i’m kind of bummed we weren’t able to get a good picture with adam’s sister {the twins’ aunt rachel}, i’m also kind of happy it’s not just me that the twins won’t sit calmly with and smile for a picture. sorry, aunt rachel!

ral17^^ in and out. in and out. in and out. in and out. in and out. in and out. in and out. you get the picture.


our trip back to raleigh was not only to hang with our families for thanksgiving, but also to celebrate my sister and her fiancé! did i tell you guys that my baby sister is engaged?! we had so much fun celebrating the happy couple and the twins were in heaven getting to hang with all of the adults and older kids at the party.

ral19ralralral21ral22ral23ral24ral25^^ this girl loves the older kids and henry is definitely one of her favorites! case in point….she shared her pumpkin.

ral26^^ my family. minus some¬†very special people who couldn’t make it. we were fortunate enough though to see all of these lovely people, some who we hadn’t seen in a few years! thanks for another fabulous trip, raleigh! see you again in january!

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