it’s been a week since we left chicago {for good} and headed to raleigh to stay with my parents during the beginning of the moving process. while i’m still feeling sad about leaving chicago, i just love being around family in raleigh. we’ve had a busy week, hanging with family and getting everything set for toronto. the twins and i will be staying with my parents for another week and a half, but here’s a littleĀ of what we’ve been up to so far:

ral^^ we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. for the most part the weather has been perfect and we have been taking full advantage! our daily routine has included at least 2 long walks.

ral1ral2ral4^^ swings! my mom {pictured} and i took the twins to the playground for the first time and they loved the swings! breck of course wanted to go as high and as fast as possible, while thatcher was content just swaying back and forth {although i swear she was pumping her legs a few times}.

ral3ral5^^ oh man these babes of mine!

we’re having a great time and are looking forward to the rest of our raleigh trip. like i said, we’re busy, so i haven’t been great about taking a lot of pictures, but will try to do better this week since we’ve got so many fun things going on!


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