hi guys! so i know i was a little absent last week, but it was a crazy busy week and well, i just didn’t really feel like taking the time to sit down and write a post – honesty, right. and while i’m being honest, i don’t really feel like doing it this week either. and not because i don’t love you guys or love this blog {i really really do}, but because we are in north carolina visiting our families. and i’m just having so much fun hanging out with friends + relatives, prepping for an awesome thanksgiving dinner, and trying to be present in the moment. that last one’s been a hard thing for me, but i’m really trying hard. i’ve decided that one of my goals going forward is to be in more pictures, instead of always behind the camera. we’ll see how that goes as i’m actually really particular about my pictures and usually get frustrated when someone takes them {i know i know, not my best quality, but hey we can’t be perfect}.

anyway, you’re all probably wondering what this has to do with santa claus…well, up to this point, nothing really. however, there is a point to this post and it’s to share this really awesome website i found! it’s called capture the magic. maybe you guys have already heard of it and i’m just really behind the times because apparently it’s been around for 5 years, but i had never heard of it so to me it’s brand new. on the website you are able to upload a picture of your christmas tree, stockings, living room, i guess really whatever you want; and insert a santa claus into the picture {they also have the tooth fairy and the easter bunny} to show your kids that santa stopped by! breck and thatcher are obviously still a little too young to care about this, but i am so so excited to do this one day! and wanted to pass it along so that any of you that have older kids who may really enjoy this could use it to show them on christmas morning! and yes i know, it’s not even thanksgiving yet, but i’m one of those people who starts celebrating christmas as soon as my husband will let me {i would put our decorations up in october if i could get away with it}. my house has been seranaded with christmas music for the last few weeks, my evergreen candles are burning, and even a few decorations have found their place already. while i’m loving being with family {and who doesn’t love a table full of food}, i also can’t wait to get back to toronto so i can go all christmas vacation on adam and make him trek out and chop down our christmas tree! hope someone out there likes this website as much as i do and can use it this year! if i find any other fun christmas things i’ll be sure to pass them along! happy holidays everyone!


ps. this picture has absolutely nothing to do with santa claus or the above mentioned events. i was packing us all up on saturday and the twins climbed into my suitcase where they decided it was a good place to eat snacks and carry on a conversation. i just thought it was super cute and couldn’t help, but snap a bunch of pics!

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