seour seattle iphone pictures can be seen here. and our vancouver photos can be seen here and here. we  had so much fun while traveling and exploring the pacific northwest. adam + i have already decided that if the opportunity ever arises for us to move to vancouver or seattle we will immediately pack up everything we own and go, no questions asked. seattle had a laid back feel, but with an urban chicness. and not to mention the surrounding mountains that just made every view amazing. the food was great and boutiques were funky and cool. i especially loved this little place called glasswing located in capitol hill. really i loved everything in capitol hill…and queen anne….and fremont…and everywhere we went in the city. it’s funny because adam + i have always said that we love seattle {and vancouver} and that it would be a “good fit” for us, but neither one of us had ever been before so we always sounded a little stupid saying that. but, somehow we just knew. we knew that if we ever got the chance to go there it would be perfect. and it was. we explored a lot of different areas of the city and even headed down to the dreaded tourist trap…the public market. i didn’t catch a fish, but i did ask a fisherman to take a picture with me {i’m sure he gets it all the time}. we ate burgers, and seafood, and biscuits, and pizza…and it was all so good! oh yeah, and we saw pearl jam {duh!} – i almost forgot about that. we also met quite a few dogs, and overall the city felt very dog friendly which makes me think it would be a “good fit” for gruber too. who knows what the future will bring…maybe one day we’ll get a chance to live there. for now though, i’ll just have to visit often.


some places worth mentioning in seattle:
local 360
bedlam coffee
serious biscuit
taylor shellfish farms
the masonry
victrola coffee roasters

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