**snail mail alert!** ok, seriously, who doesn’t get excited when you open your mailbox and find good old fashioned snail mail?! and who isn’t sad that sending a note in the mail isn’t common practice anymore? insert paper balloon

paper balloon is a subscription card service that features unique designs printed on all cotton, tree-free paper. it takes the hardest part out of sending a greeting card to someone – remembering! by sending you a quarterly shipment of a predetermined amount of cards {you pick how many cards you want with each shipment} you don’t have to remember to pick up cards to send! and the twins’ favorite part about the cards are that each one comes with a coordinating tattoo {although i have to admit a few of our friends my be short on the tattoo when the cards arrive because thatcher isn’t so great at giving away that part}. 

i have to admit though that my favorite part is getting to write the cards with the twins. as they get older i’m having more fun getting to do things like this. when we first opened the box i let them both pick design to send to someone. thatcher of course picked the kitty cat one and breck the rocket ship. and we began to “write” them. thatcher showed me how she can write her ‘T’ and breck tried as hard as he could to write his ‘B’. they drew circles and triangles and lines that meant something, but i’m not really sure what, and we laughed and just had fun together. then we put the tattoos in, sealed the envelopes, and they both help me address them. when we were done they both asked to do it again {so we wrote one for adam since he was in toronto at the time}. it’s really something fun to do with your kids! and we’re already looking forward to our next shipment! also, i’m going to need some of you to head on over to paper balloon and subscribe, then send some our way, because b + t keep checking the mailbox for theirs. {i may have put one in there last night for them to find this morning}. 

also, if you guys head over to instagram you can enter to win a free box of cards! giveaway will run though the weekend and the winner will be announced on monday! happy weekend friends!




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