IMG_0082happy wednesday friends! if you follow me on instagram then you saw this picture on saturday. the twins and i were waiting on adam to finish his spinning class when breck decided he wanted to “hug” thatcher. i thought it was cute and so i posted it. i was surprised though when i got a bunch of comments about the fact that they are standing. everyone seemed really surprised and then i thought that maybe i never shared with you guys that they stand now. they’ve both been standing for a while {it’s been a couple of months}, but have been progressively getting stronger and stronger. thatcher can stand anywhere and everywhere, but breck still needs to have something to lean against or hold onto. i personally think its the most adorable thing to see them standing next to each other. i can picture them walking and holding hands and all the fun they are going to have with each other in the future. makes my heart just swell!

stand1stand2stand3stand4stand5i snapped this little series yesterday. breck is teething hard and was gnawing on thatcher’s hand. you can tell she’s really not amused. but the thing that i love most is that even when he’s eating her hand and she’s not happy about it, she still let’s him do it. this twin love stuff is no joke y’all.

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