i love living in chicago. and one of my favorite things to do is just walk around this beautiful city. sometimes with life being so busy i forget how much i really love this, so it was great that while my family was here last week we decided to walk to the lake. my favorite thing about chicago is that every street you stroll down and every corner you turn there is something beautiful. the architecture, landscaping, and landmarks that are present throughout the city are what make ┬áit such a charming place. i don’t know what the future holds for adam + i, but i hope that we always live somewhere as alluring as chicago.


mama + tara are so strong
mama + tara are so strong


and then once we made it to the lake we decided to have a little impromptu family photo session. tara + i may have gotten a little carried away…


also, i realized just how vibrant this city really is. the color that surrounds all of the concrete just amazes me.



i’ve been thinking about doing a whole photo series on the street signs of chicago and this is just one example of why. i mean, really?


ps. happy happy friday to you all! i hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend! we get to hang out with adam’s parents all weekend! yay!

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