we made it to toronto! and while we still have a ton of unpacking/organizing to do we’ve been making sure to enjoy the city by doing lots of exploring. we’re also trying to just jump right into life here and have signed the twins up for a few classes. the first one started this weekend and is the one i’m most excited about! the twins started a swim class! i’ve been trying to get them into one for a few months now, but because of all of the traveling we were doing, i wasn’t able to commit to a program. now that we’re finally settled in one place for a while, we’re able to start. and maybe we just start our kids early in chicago, but i was surprised when breck + thatcher were by far the youngest in the class. regardless, they were able to keep up with the various activities and even seemed to be the only ones who enjoyed them all! it was so fun for all of us! it looks like we have water babies on our hands!

swim1^^ they were so excited! and also look at thatcher’s 2 teeth!

swim2swim3^^ my mom was with us and was able to snap a few pics before getting in trouble for wearing her shoes near the pool 😛 we had such a great time and i’m already looking forward to next weekend!

ps. thanks for all of the sweet words with the move! i’m happy to say that so far it’s been a very smooth and easy transition. i’ll update you guys more later!

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