this week has been a tough one so i’m feeling like i need this list more than ever today. this week i’m thankful for:

  • my health.
  • a husband that works hard to provide for us.
  • two extra snuggly babies.
  • a helpful mother-in-law.
  • an understanding, patient, and well behaved dog.
  • christmas music on the radio.
  • thanksgiving is only a week a away!
  • snow. {yes, i’m one of those crazy people that loves snow}
  • car insurance. {oops}
  • an understanding husband that has the ability to calm me down when i need it most.
  • babies who have gone down so easily at bed time every night this week. {i know i just jinxed that}
  • pediatricians.
  • online shopping.
  • new friends.
  • baby giggles.

as always, feel free to leave your list below! it’s a great reminder of all that we have to be grateful for.

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