happy thanksgiving! today i am thankful for:

  • a caring, loving, supportive husband.
  • two beautiful, smart, healthy, strong babies.
  • a sweet, patient, and understanding dog.
  • my amazing family.
  • my brother and sister being in chicago to celebrate with us.
  • our sweet friends who are sharing thanksgiving dinner with us.
  • the ability to have great food on my table today.
  • my family’s health.
  • everyone who has supported/put up with me this year. it’s been a long, tough, and super rewarding year and the people that shared it with me, mean more to me than i could ever say.
  • lastly, i am thankful that christmas is less than a month away. i mean let’s be honest, thanksgiving is great, but christmas is better.

happy thanksgiving from my family to yours! i hope you all eat way too much food, have way too much fun, and share the day with those you care about! as always, feel free to leave your list below!



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