have you guys heard of this amazing clothing company called little me?! as an avid nordstrom shopper, i had seen the brand a bunch of times while perusing the racks. so when i received an email asking if i would be interested in trying out some really adorable baby’s first christmas outfits from them, i was so excited! then when i received them in the mail, i was even more excited!


the first thing i noticed was how unique and cute the outfits are. the second thing was how soft and comfortable they felt. since the twins have just recently discovered their voice and have decided to have their own opinions on the clothes i am placing them in {aren’t i supposed to get a little more time before they start fighting me on things?!} comfort has been of the utmost importance when i shop for them. thatcher has decided that she hates hats {perfect for winter}, but she actually let me put the outfit’s hat on her! and this says a lot about how soft and comfortable the clothes must be.

x3 x12 x7

the one thing i’ve noticed is how great the outfits look wash after wash. if you have a baby then you know the tole their clothes take – spit up after spit up, drool, and sometimes even a little poop {let’s talk diapers at a later time}, but little me clothing items look brand new even after 10 washes! they’ve even teamed up with dreft which says a lot about their quality.

x5 x8 x9

since it’s the twins’ first christmas i have been thinking really hard about what they are going to wear {and if you know me at all, you know how picky i am}. little me offers many different holiday styles, but i just could not resist breck’s adorable santa suit! with his big belly, rosy cheeks, and hardy chuckle this outfit is perfect for him! my favorite thing about thatcher’s outfit is the cute reindeer print {although i have to admit, it was hard to choose, i loved so many of the little me outfits for her}. i also like how it says “my first christmas”, but not in an obnoxious way like so many other clothing companies.

x10 x13x6

little me is a unique company that offers various clothing for newborns all the way up to toddlerhood. their items are comfortable, cute, and most importantly durable. you can find little me at various department stores including bloomingdale’s, lord & taylor, and my personal favorite, nordstom. or you can head over to little me’s website where you’ll find a 40% off holiday sale!

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