hi friends! i know it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but life has been a bit crazy lately. we’ve had a lot going on and if you follow us on instagram you probably know some of what that is. our biggest {and most stressful} thing has been the sale of our house. yep, you read that right. the house we bought a year ago has been sold and is very close to welcoming it’s new family. although this was a hard and complicated decision, i really do think it’s for the best. you guys are probably wondering why in the heck we would put ourselves through yet another move – especially when no, we are not leaving toronto. it’s not really an exciting an answer though. basically we didn’t really care for the neighborhood we moved into {turns out even though it’s in the city it’s just a little too suburban feeling for this city mom}, and because of the hot toronto real estate it just kind of made sense financially to sell it right now. although we love our actual house, i’m really excited for a new neighborhood. the only problem with is however, that we haven’t actually found a new place yet so for the time being we are hanging out in raleigh, getting ready for my little sister’s wedding and looking forward to the fast approaching holidays. and in the meantime, we have a few other things keeping us busy as well.


so back to what this post is actually about – our trip to the blue mountains for canadian thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.


we’ve been up to collingwood and blue mountain village a couple of times now and i guess you could say it’s sort of becoming our thanksgiving tradition. it’s such a short distance from toronto, and with a beautiful resort that is not only kid-friendly, but also dog-friendly, it’s sort of the perfect spot for a quick city escape.


one of our favorite things to do during the fall is to go apple picking. the kids enjoy it, adam + i enjoy it, and the best part is you get more apples than you could ever know what to do with. {seriously, what do i do with all of these apples? please send recipes!} this year was even more fun because the twins really love apples – we ate SEVEN on our way down to raleigh last week!


this year b + t were much more interactive. t was really excited to actually pick the apples and b was really excited to eat them {perfect team i tell ya}. we were able to get three different kinds off of the trees and then also buy a peck of my favorite – honey crisps! anybody else love these just as much as me?!


after apples we thought we’d move onto pumpkins. we drove out to what we remembered as a pumpkin patch only to then remember once we were there that it actually isn’t a pumpkin patch {can i still blame it on post pregnancy brain?}. it didn’t really matter though the twins still had a blast since the farm had live animals and a play truck they could “drive”. also, the great thing about this place is that dogs are allowed so gruber was able to get out and stretch his legs as well.

img_1157 img_1167 img_1178

you probably have guessed by now, if you’re not familiar with the blue mountains, that this area is indeed made up of mountains. not big ones like the rockies mind you, but still mountains none the less. there are beautiful lookout points and one of my favorite ones is where you overlook the bay. and since we have what feels like the most active 2 year olds on this planet, we decided to head up there and let them {and gruber} run around a bit. it was a beautiful day and i think it’s safe to say that we all had fun running around!

img_1209img_1200img_1188^^ this girl and her puppy are just the best of friends. could be all the food she gives him, but i’d like to think all of the love and pets are a part of it too.img_1224img_1199img_1194

there’s also a cute little village right across from the resort. we always end up going over there towards the end of each day since there’s a great playground and lots of activities for the kids.

img_0980 img_1001 img_1005 img_1013

side note: we took the twins to a “paint your own pottery” place. i won’t say they didn’t have fun – because they definitely did. but i will just warn any other parents of two year olds that they may be just a little too young for this. there was paint everywhere and i wouldn’t say their creations were the prettiest i’ve ever seen. but, lesson learned. maybe we’ll try again next year.

img_1017 img_1024 img_1019

it really was another great trip to add to the books. i hope we’ll get the chance to do this every thanksgiving while we’re in canada – although i have to admit we didn’t do much in the way of thanksgiving. and in the meantime if you guys have any desire to head up that way i hope you will! it’s a wonderful family spot!



  1. Allison
    October 25, 2016 at 9:43 am (1 year ago)

    Tess, totally make homemade applesauce in the crockpot! It uses a ton of apples and is AMAZING! Just apples, water, and cinnamon if you like. Miss you guys! Hugs!

      October 27, 2016 at 9:31 pm (1 year ago)

      Allison, that sounds so yummy! Definitely will try it! Miss you guys too!


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