dis7happy friday friends! sorry we’ve been a little m.i.a. lately, but between traveling, having visitors, and getting ready to close on the house next week {yay!}, we’ve been a little busy. every day i think to myself, after the twins go down for bed i’ll do a blog post, then every night i’m so exhausted all i want to do is eat ice cream {actually ice cream sandwiches – it’s my weakness right now} and watch mindless tv. and since i’m so tired, my laziness usually wins out. but alas, i am sitting down and writing one {although, it’s technically nap time for the twins, not bedtime, but i digress…}. last weekend we were lucky enough to have adam’s sister and her boyfriend come hang with us for the long weekend! i always feel like when we have visitors time goes by so fast, it’s like they’ve only just got here before it’s time for them to leave. it never really used to bother me until breck + thatcher came along, but now i just love when we have family around. i think because they love it so much and it’s so fun to see them interact with their aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. while rachel {adam’s sister} + javi {her bf} were here we decided to head over to toronto’s distillery district. i’ve been wanting to go here ever since we moved, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet and since we had a free afternoon we thought it’d be fun! it’s a cute area with cobblestone streets, stores, and vendors lined up all around the square. the twins were able to run around and honestly i think next time we go we’ll ditch the stroller because b + t are getting to the stage where if they can be out and about there is no way they are sitting in there.

dis1^^ when we first got there, we were trying to let the twins finish napping and my sweet brother-in-law was pushing them around as they screamed their heads off {see previous sentences about not wanting to be in the stroller anymore}. it was so nice to have the helping hands!

dis4dis^^ it was hot as h. e. double hockey sticks so ice cream was a must! i can’t remember the name of the place we stopped, but yum. yum. yum.

dis2dis3dis6dis5^^ did i tell you guys breck is walking?! well, he’s sort of walking. he will walk on his own only when he feels like it. yesterday he walked half way across the house and then didn’t walk again until we were at the playground hours later. it’s like he can do it, and he knows he can do it, but he only does it when he feels like it. his personality is so different than thatcher’s. once she knew she could walk, that was it, she never crawled again. for breck, i think it’s just a confidence thing. he also gets kind of embarrassed and upset if he has a fall and then that’s usually when he won’t walk for the rest of the day. holding onto our hand or finger though, he’ll walk all day long. and while we were at the distillery district, it was no different. he actually started to throw a temper tantrum at one point when i tried to pick him up.

dis9^^ this little girl walked all over. and her favorite walking partner was her aunt rachel!

dis10dis8we had so much fun hanging at the distillery district and the next nice weekend we have i’m sure we’ll be heading back there! hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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