after the bahamas we headed back to raleigh to pick up the twins and spend memorial day weekend with our families. it was a pretty quick visit, but we tried to make the most of it by doing an activity every day. so on that saturday we decided that since the twins had never been to a zoo before we would head out to ashboro {about 1.5 hours outside of raleigh} and go check it out! we all had a lot of fun, but to be honest i think the twins were just a little too young for it. they liked the sea lions and a few other animals that were moving a lot, but otherwise didn’t seem to really care so much about the exhibits. sometimes though its not so much about an age appropriate activity as it is just getting out of the house and spending some quality family time with everyone. the best part of all was that my brother came down from virginia to spend the weekend with us too! we hadn’t seen him since christmas and since he is moving to germany next month we are trying to get in as much time with him as possible! we spent the whole day there, which in the end proved to be just a little too long {2 blown out diapers later…} so i think if we do go to the zoo again, it’ll just be for a couple of hours. by the way, does anyone know what the toronto zoo is like?! i’ve heard good things, so i’m wondering if it’s worth a trip this summer. for now, i think we’ll just stick to the aquarium {hello air conditioning}. none the less, we did have a great time and here’s some pics from our day!

zoo^^ i snapped this pic right before we left for the zoo. whenever i tell her to say cheese, this is what i get. the cutest, most forced smile! i love when they smile on demand for me and i also think it’s pretty funny that whenever they see the iphone or camera this is what they do. i wonder where they get it from šŸ˜‰

zoo3zoo4zoo5^^ caught them holding hands on the tram. heart. is. bursting.

zoo6zoo7^^ our crew. {minus the lady in the red shirt}

zoo8^^ the bald eagle. this is going to sound weird, but does anyone else out there feel like there is a certain animal they have a connection with? ever since i was little i’ve always been attracted to the bald eagle, and oddly enough throughout my life, they have shown up in odd times. most people maybe see a few bald eagles in their lifetime, but i seem to see them quite a bit. and always when i am struggling with or needing something in my life. eagles were very important to native americans and although i’m pretty sure i am exactly 0% native american, i’ve always been drawn to the history and culture of them as well. and while i’m sure this is making me sound like the biggest wierdo right now, i truly believe that the bald eagle is my spirit animal

zoo10zoo11zoo12zoo9^^ my sweet sister pushed the stroller for us almost all day. thanksĀ auntie for giving this mama a break!

zoo13zoo14zoo15^^ this girl and her dada. best friends these two. when adam walks into a room, i’m instantly chopped liver. it’s ok though, i kind of think it’s the best thing ever.

zoo16zoo17^^ eeekkk!! that smile! that face! he’s so yummy, i could just eat him up!

zoo18zoo19^^ last exhibit of the day. this was just mere minutes before the infamous blowouts. here’s a little mama advice for all of you new/expecting moms out there…ALWAYS carry 2 extra outfits per child. it’s a lesson i’ve learned the hard way. and also, never be embarrassed to walk your kid around in just a diaper…sometimes shit happens {lol}.


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