ok, so how many of you have that one person in your family or circle of friends that it’s impossible to find a gift for?! if you’re not raising your hand right now i envy you. well for me, the hardest person to shop for is adam {anyone else feel me on an impossible-to-gift husband?}. when i ask him what he wants he says “nothing” and every year i feel like i’m grasping at straws to find anything i think he’d like. well, not this year. this year i was determined. i had been wracking my brain, just trying to think of something when JORD wood watches contacted me. and after some research i knew i had found the perfect thing for adam!

i’m a sucker for packaging and so i was already in love when i received the watch and they kept true with the wood theme by making the box and tag wood as well. i have to admit it was pretty hard to pick a watch – i really liked them all! but i ended up going with the walnut and jet black conway series {click here to check it out}. The sapphire crystal glass, the fact that each watch is hand-finished and pre-oiled, and the modern details on a classic style is what finally sold me on this particular one. also, i knew adam would think the black face was really cool. 

i tried to think of a cute way to give it to him and since i knew i wasn’t going to wait until christmas day i thought of hanging it on the christmas tree. but i knew he’d probably just laugh at me and/or would never notice it and then i’d have to think of a way to get him to look. in the end i simply just handed him the box while the kids were napping and said “happy early christmas”. he was so sweet and put it on immediately, told me he loved it {the design, the fact that it was wood, that it’s light, it’s not too bulky for long sleeve shirts, and the chronograph details} and then he got up and took gruber for a walk.

i know he thought i was crazy when i followed him outside with a camera, but look how cute this shot is with gruber puppy! so far adam has been wearing his watch non-stop and i may or may not have already purchased more for some other people on my list {did i mention they have women’s watches too?! click here to check them out – i’m obsessed! hint hint family and friends}. i really do love that these watches can be made casual or can be worn with a blazer for a holiday party or a date night out. 

and because i love you guys so much {and JORD loves you too} you can get a free $25 gift card! just click HERE! easy peasy! just make sure you click by sunday {12/18} at 11:59pm to get your gift card. {gift cards will be good until february 28, 2017}.




Wooden Wristwatch

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