well, it’s that time again, friends! fall. i know how cliche it is to say that it’s my favorite season, but it really is. i love pumpkins and even more pumpkin-flavored things. and since it’s october that┬ámeans pumpkin everything. pumpkin coffees, pumpkin cookies, donuts, teas, candles, bread, oreos, m&ms…i even saw pumpkin peanut butter the other day! i also love going to pumpkin farms. there’s just something about the fresh air, the apple cider, the pumpkin pies, and of course the actual pumpkins that makes it a fun experience for everyone!


we didn’t waste any time getting ourselves to pumpkins this year. even though it was a rainy, and kind of chilly day, it was october 1st which meant it was officially pumpkin season and so off we went. we were lucky enough to be joined by some sweet friends and watching the twins run around with them was just so cute to watch!


even though the farm was wet and muddy no one really seemed to mind {and thankfully mud comes out of clothes pretty easily}. we enjoyed a wagon ride, hay barrels, corn stalks, tunnels + slides, a few farm animals, tractors, and of course all of the pumpkins!

img_0777img_0801-2^^ these little daredevils ran as fast as they could on top of these hay barrels. another parent at the patch actually came over to me and told me she was amazed at how fast thatcher was running. you guys, if this girl doesn’t end up playing every sport in the book, i’ll be shocked.

img_0796img_0781^^ also, this girl and her dad. she has been going through a major “daddy” phase lately. i hear moms complain about how they do all of the work and then the kids are always so much more excited to see their dad. i should probably feel this way, but honestly, i just think it’s the most adorable thing!

img_0806img_0928img_0920^^ best part of the pumpkin patch in my opinion. also the hot apple cider.

img_0811img_0917^^ he picked those little pumpkins all by himself.


it really was such a fun afternoon! brecken and thatcher are still talking about the pumpkins and i’ve got a few little projects planned for the ones that came home with us. now, we just need to start getting ready for halloween! i still haven’t gotten the twins costumes. thatcher is insisting on being a princess and breck a dinosaur – i’m not really thrilled about either of those choices, especially the princess. also, they’re two. aren’t i supposed to get another year or two before they start demanding their costumes?! i’m trying my hardest to plant a few other seeds in their heads, but so far no luck. have you guys gotten your littles their costumes yet? also, please tell me i’m not the only one that went to the pumpkin patch on the first day of october!

img_0924-2^^ i love my kids. i really really do. but sometimes, they’re weird.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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