i can’t believe it’s already been a week since my precious babes turned 1! so far their 2nd year of life is off to a pretty fun start! they’ve been hanging out with family in raleigh and now friends in chicago! it’s not a bad way to kick off another year!

to be honest i wasn’t planning on doing a ‘birthday bash’ post, but since so many of you have asked about how we celebrated i thought i decided i should. adam + i are pretty minimal when it comes to celebrating things as we tend to think it’s more about just spending time with each other and making memories as opposed to over extravagant indulgences. so for that reason the twins’ birthday was pretty low-key.

IMG_3481IMG_3488IMG_3493^^ we started the morning off with some birthday pancakes. this is a tradition i’ve decided to start for the twins. i’m hoping that every year i’ll be able to have them wake up to fresh homemade funfetti pancakes {i even made the “icing” on top} and that it’ll be something they look forward to as they get older! their first taste of them wasn’t exactly what i was hoping for, but i’m sure as they get older they’ll grow to love them. breck actually ate about half of one. thatcher had 2 bites and then wanted to get down.

IMG_3494IMG_3500^^ we tried to get a family picture…but you guys know how that goes. although i kind of love the 2nd one!

IMG_3525IMG_3535^^ i got these fabulous cake toppers from a friend i met through instagram! she is so talented and i can’t wait to use these year after year! {if anyone is interested her etsy shop is called new way kids} and although i’d love to take credit for these delicious cakes, i got them from a local bakery in raleigh {artylicious}.

IMG_3547 IMG_3552 IMG_3555 IMG_3567^^ the twins’ smash cakes went something like the pancakes did. breck did some decent damage while thatcher maybe touched it a few times and then i attempted to feed her pieces of it while she ran around all over the place. i think breck also just liked the feeling of the icing between his fingers – a few times i caught him just kind of running his hand through it.

IMG_3595 IMG_3605 IMG_3613^^ and no birthday is complete without presents. a lot of you asked what we got the twins for their first birthday and the truth is nothing. we knew that the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc would take care of them so we decided to forgo presents this year. and oh man am i glad we did! the twins got so many gifts and we are so grateful to all our family for loving them so good! these are 2 very lucky babies!

and speaking of being grateful…i am so so thankful to all of you that commented on here {and other social media outlets} wishing the twins a happy birthday and sharing memories! i hope you all know how much your kind words have meant to all of us! thank you thank you thank you…from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Christine Mooney
    August 26, 2015 at 3:27 pm (3 years ago)

    Ah! I do birthday pancakes too!! My idea is as the kids get older they can choose what goes on them/toppings. But maybe for Roan’s bday coming up, I, ahem, I mean he’ll choose funfetti 😛


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