three. t. h. r. e. e. three?! how the heck do we have three year olds?! i don’t know why, but this birthday feels so big. like we are passing another milestone and that my little toddlers are slowly disappearing and turning into kids. i’ve been trying to prepare myself for today for the last month or so, but now that it’s here i’m so unprepared. i only cried myself to sleep last night as i thought about all the time that has already passed, then laughed at myself for being one of those sentimental moms that i swore i’d never be. how is it that as a mom i can long for time to slow, while at the same time wanting so bad to see what my kids will become. i cry for the days that have passed and yet dream about where they’ll go to college, what professions they’ll choose, and if/when they’ll become parents themselves. this parenting thing is funny business sometimes, isn’t it?! well, one thing’s for sure – these last 3 years have been the absolute best years of my life! 

dearest breck,

you are the boy who stole my heart. the one who made me a mother, even if by only 2 minutes. from the day you were born you have been the sweetest, most sensitive little boy. your belly laughs have filled our hearts since the day you let out that first giggle and still to this day it’s one of my most favorite sounds. you hug tighter than anyone i know and your sweet, sometimes sly, smile melts me everyday. you are quiet and soft-spoken, but are finding your voice more and more. you have strong opinions, but almost always give into your sister. you love to hug her, kiss her, and hold her hand. you are super smart and always amaze us at how much you know. you like to keep us all on our toes and you have proven many times that even though you may not say as much, you can certainly keep up with your sister. you are going through a little “mommy phase” right now, and i have to be honest, i’m kind of loving it. you are getting so strong and it is my biggest fear every time i hold you, that it will be the last time. you are becoming so independent and while i know this is a good thing, promise me you’ll still let me carry you a little while longer. little boy, you have half my heart and i’m so so lucky that i get to be your mama. happiest of birthdays, “bobo”!

and to my thatchie girl, 

oh sweet girl, where can i even start? you are so wise beyond your years and you always amaze me with your rationality and reasoning. you are the kindest, most caring person i know. you love everyone and you’ve never met anyone you weren’t instantly friends with. although your best friend is still your brother. you love him so fiercely and you tell him almost everyday how much you do. you are so encouraging and your brother is so so lucky you are his sister. in these last three years we have watched you grow into an amazing little girl. you’re the most compassionate person i know. your vocabulary and your concepts not only amaze your dad and i, but everyone who meets you. people often question us on your age and some people have even guessed you to be close to five! you’re strong and athletic and i can’t wait to see where that takes you. i have no doubt that one day you will do big things. i’m just so grateful that i’ve got a front row seat to it. you are so special to us and even though it was breckie who made me a mommy, it was you who completed my heart. happy happy birthday, “sweet bean”! 

and as has become tradition, feel free to leave a message for the twins on here, facebook, or instagram! i’ve been compiling them all every year and plan to give them to the twins when they’re older so they can know just how loved they are. thanks for another year of love and support! it really does mean so much to us! 



2 Comments on THREE!

  1. Jenny Arostegui
    August 19, 2017 at 6:02 am (6 months ago)

    Breck and Thatcher: Happy 3rd Birthday🎉 I can not believe it’s been three years. When you were in your mommas belly we were praying for you. We wish you another year of learning and love!

  2. Lametric
    August 19, 2017 at 7:35 am (6 months ago)

    Happy Birthday B & T!


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