tcmhappy monday¬†friends! we’ve had a busy, but oh so fun weekend and this week isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. although the holidays can be a little exhausting, i also find that i love breaking up the everyday with all of the activities. and since i love all things christmas heading down to toronto’s christmas market last week with friends seemed like the perfect activity!

tcm1tcm3tcm4^^ these ladies are two of my most favorites!¬†and did i mention they’re also american?! although i’ve been really trying to embrace the canadian culture sometimes it’s really nice to be around other americans. we talk about the things we miss {can we all take a moment of silence for target}, the things we find “funny” {i’m talking about you milk-in-a-bag}, and other “american” things. it really helps with my homesickness to have these {and a couple other} ladies in my life! also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that i am not having to push a stroller – thanks for your helping hands, ladies! you’re truly the best!

tcm5tcm6^^ god jul. or swedish for merry christmas. i’ve yet to find a swedish community like i had in chicago, so this little snowman was a sweet surprise.

tcm7tcm8tcm9^^ oh these faces! they are the best christmas gifts i could ever wish for! also, breck’s face in this last one is like “seriously mom. another picture…” is it bad that whenever they see a camera they say cheese?!

tcm10tcm11^^ seriously so thankful to have these wonderful women in my life! and again…no babies in my arms! what?!

tcm12tcm13we had so much fun at the toronto christmas market! i have a feeling we may be back before it’s all over! just how much fun you may ask…

tcm14this is the car parked in the garage. i couldn’t wake them up when we got home! i even undid their straps and they still stayed asleep! i love days like these! not only did they stay conked out until dinner time, they slept until 8am the next morning! {and that’s saying a lot since their normal wake-up is 5:30!}

we’ve got a busy few weeks coming up, and even though it stresses me out a little, it’s also kind of the best! family, holidays, and two crazy toddlers can be hard to balance, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. i hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season as well and that you’re surrounded by those you love!


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