happy monday friends! it only took me a whole week to go through all 750 pictures i took from our recent trip to the turks and caicos {not an exaggeration – i took 748 pictures!}. i’ve dwindled it down to about 50 so we’ll see how many i end up posting 😉


to be honest this trip was a little last minute. we booked it about a month before we left which for this type a girl felt very spontaneous. adam had been talking about how we hadn’t really done a proper family vacation and how despite being only a couple hours from the beach all summer, the twins had never gone.


people often ask me if we travel with a carseat, stroller, etc. and the truth is no, none of it. as far as carseats go, we always have a car service that has carseats take us and pick us up from the airport. up until this point, we have never had any issues; however on this particular early morning, the driver never showed. not a good start. we hopped in our car and rushed ourselves there and thankfully made it on to the flight. the twins have been on too many flights to count and somehow we have always gotten extremely lucky that they have behaved so well. even so, i was a little nervous about this flight since it was our longest {just shy of 4 hours} and it was the first that they had their own seats. thankfully though the twins continued their perfect streak and made the flight easy. and once we got to our resort they were able to get out all of their bundled up energy.

img_0444^^ he was eager to get into the water 😉


our next week mostly consisted of the beach and pool. our first stop at the beach thatcher was a little unsure of the crashing waves, but breck went right in! by the second time, they were both swimming in the water, laying on anchored rafts, and counting the “fishies” that went by. we built sand castles, walked the beach, and collected seashells {thatcher put every single one up to her ear to try and hear the ocean}. i was so impressed, but not surprised, at how much these two water babies loved it!



the pool was our second favorite spot and probably 600 of the 748 pictures were taken there. there were numerous pools at the resort and two in particular that we spent a lot of time at {the two that had kiddie pools AND a swim-up bar}. the twins splashed, jumped, and swam in one of the pools every single day we were there. i also discovered a deep love for pina coladas {who knew how yummy those things are}!

img_0480img_0562img_0678img_0686img_0776img_0801img_0849img_0950img_1023^^ always helping her brother out, haha.

img_0991^^ there was a giant water park too! i didn’t take too many pictures here because water was everywhere and i didn’t want to ruin the camera {can someone please get me one of those waterproof bags?!}. the twins went down a huge water slide {and begged and begged to do it again every time}! there was a splash pad, a lazy river, and a giant pirateship with slides and other fun things for the kids.

img_0971img_0974img_0887img_0884^^ we ate way too much ice cream + cookies and a large majority of their meals consisted of nothing but french fries and ketchup {hey, it’s vacation, right?!}

img_0898img_0589img_1079img_1076img_1082^^ we saw a couple of sesame street shows and although breck wasn’t too fond of the characters getting close, thatcher wanted to say hi to all of them. the last night we were there we went to a huge luau which began with one of the shows. during the middle of the show, the characters started coming off the stage, at that point thatcher thought they were approachable and so ran up in the middle of the show and gave elmo a hug {this moment was both slightly mortifying and also heart-warming}.

img_0878img_0964img_0873^^ these kids were made for beach life.


although i didn’t take any pictures we also did countless other activities including sailing and touring the ocean on a glass-bottom boat. this trip really was about as perfect as it could have been. sometimes i feel such an overwhelming love for this little family of mine. i think how could i have possibly gotten so lucky to have such amazing people for my crew. life is busy and a little chaotic right now {more on that later}, but it’s also so magical. to say i’m feeling fortunate right now, is a true understatement. can’t wait to do it again, right adam?! 😉



and just in case you guys want to see more pics {i’m sorry – i just couldn’t stop snapping!} here’s a few more:



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