happy happy birthday to the loves of my life!


i’ve been thinking about this post for the last month and yet as i sit here trying to express my feelings in words i can’t think of how to start it. and as i think about it more i think it’s because there are no words. the feelings i have for the twins really are indescribable. they have changed my life in ways that i couldn’t even imagine and have challenged me to be a better person every day for the last 2 years. and so i’ll try my best to tell you each what you mean to me today {and everyday}.

first, my sweet baby a.

IMG_0179brecken, i don’t even know how i could possibly express how much you mean to me. you are such a strong-willed little guy. you throw a temper tantrum like no other, but you also love {and hug} like no other. your dad and i have started calling you our little bruiser because you are just all boy. you like to throw, hit, jump, and knock down anything you can – and just for the sake of doing it. you are so sensitive and you get your feelings hurt so easily. your sister loves you so much and it is clear you are her best friend. you laugh harder than anyone i know and you can change the entire atmosphere of the room with just one giggle. the moment you were born you let out the biggest cry the doctors had ever heard {we could hear you from the other room once they took you away} and your “vocal personality” hasn’t wavered since. the moment you came into this world my heart shattered because, even if by only 2 minutes, you made me a mom. i love your “singsongy” voice and there’s nothing that’s better than hearing you say “thatchie”. my heart melts with every sweet smile and kiss you give. you have half of my heart precious boy and even in this moment i could never tell you how much i love you.

and thatcher…my darling baby b.


thatcher, the thing that i love about you the most is how big your heart is. you are the sweetest, kindest, and most caring person i have known. you have the ability to show love when it is so undeserved and most needed. you have been feisty since before you even entered this world {you certainly made ultrasounds exciting} and you are still true to that today. you know what you want and you go for it. you are fearless and you work hard to accomplish everything you set your mind to. you have challenged me {in the best way possible} every day since your birth. one of my favorite stories to tell is when you were just 1 day old the nurse told me that since you were premature that you wouldn’t be able to stay awake for more than 30 minutes at a time. well, you of course didn’t like being told your limits so you stayed awake {and extremely alert} for an hour and a half after that! you have been pushing boundaries from the beginning and i love that about you. you are a “mini-me” and love to do anything and everything i’m doing. you’ve never met a kid that you didn’t want to be friends with, but your best friend is of course your breckie. every time you get hurt you ask for a “breckie hug” and in that moment i swear my heart could burst open. you are the reason that i have become the mother i am and i love you so much for that. you hold half of my heart in your being. i look forward to everyday with you and can’t wait for the fun things we’ll do together. i love you more than i could ever say baby girl.

happiest of birthday, my loves! you are the best things to ever happen and i can’t wait for many more of these years with you!


and just like last year, i’d love if anyone wants to leave the twins a birthday note! you can do it on here, facebook, or instagram! i’m saving them all and can’t wait to show them how much they have been loved one day!

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