it’s no secret that brunch is my favorite meal of the day! almost every weekend morning you can find adam + i eating brunch at a new spot. and last summer, one of our favorite spots was uncommon ground. we were there almost every weekend, but this summer we realized that we had been so busy that we hadn’t even gone there yet! so on saturday morning, we woke up my brother, grabbed gruber, and headed over there. we love to bring gruber with us because they have a patio that is completely covered which means it is totally shaded and gruber can stay nice and cool. they also have dog bowls out everywhere and all of the staff we have come across have loved gruber! on top the the shaded patio {which adam loves just as much as puppy} they also grow a lot of their own veggies. everything tastes really fresh and they are constantly changing the menu. if you guys haven’t been, i would highly recommend trying it out while you can still sit outside!


top: chilaquiles {adam} middle: breakfast quesadillas {kevin} bottom: breakfast melt {tess}
top: chilaquiles {adam}
middle: breakfast quesadillas {kevin}
bottom: breakfast melt {tess}


ps. hope you all are having a great week! as my husband would say: it’s hump dayyyyyyy {gosh darn you geiko commercial!!!!}

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