hi friends! hope you’ve all been well! it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and i just wanted to give you guys an update. this post is a little different than other posts, but i felt that i owed you all an explanation for my absence. first off, thank you to everyone who reached out. to be honest i was kind of surprised at how many of you sent messages asking if everything was ok or if there was some serious reason for the lack of posts. it was incredibly heart-warming to get all of your messages. the truth is that there are many reasons for my lack of blogging these last few weeks. before this week i was feeling tired, exhausted, beyond exhausted and just kind of done. between two extremely sick babies, not feeling well myself, adam’s travels, moving to a new house, getting ready for visitors, and planning for a trip to chicago, i was feeling completely overwhelmed. i actually thought to myself on quite a few occasions that i was done with blogging forever. i didn’t have the time or motivation to even think about punching out a post. but then all of you picked me up once again {i seriously owe you all a million thank yous} and i’m feeling much better! i know it’s normal to have cycles in life where we just don’t feel like ourselves and we question every move we are making, but i think it’s important to remember we’re all doing the best we can. so thanks to everyone for cutting me a little break and letting me take some time to work it out. and for all of the kind words – sorry that i haven’t gotten back to all of you yet, i promise i’m working on getting my emails out. by the way, today’s our last day in chicago {we’re driving overnight back to toronto tonight} and then are off to celebrate our first canadian thanksgiving this weekend! pics of all our fun coming soon!

ps. how cute is the photo above?! it’s one of the shots from the twins’ 1 year birthday photos!

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